Hi, I am Michele

I grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA and still live in the area today.  I was always active as a dancer, cheerleader, and soccer player.  After graduating from high school, I attended Penn State University – Main Campus.  It was there I studied Elementary Education.  I ALWAYS wanted to be an elementary school teacher! The summer before my junior year of college I came home and got a job at a local gym.  I worked in their childcare, at the juice bar, and at the front desk.  I met my husband, Robb, who also worked at the gym.  After graduating from college, I was a substitute teacher for six months.  In August of 2005, I got a job as a 2nd grade teacher.  In the spring of 2006, Robb surprised me with a visit to my classroom and a proposal!!  After 15 months of planning, we got married in June of 2007.

In April of 2009, we received very exciting news….we were going to be parents!  I was pregnant with our first child which we later found out was a boy!  We were THRILLED!  Before getting pregnant, I really started my journey to a healthier life.  I knew it was so important to take care of myself, so I could continue to remain active during my entire pregnancy.  I wanted to do all I could to have a healthy pregnancy.  Jordan arrived on New Years Eve of that year.

After Jordan was born, I knew my trips to the gym were not going to happen very often.  I decided to get a jogging stroller and start running with him.  It was a very slow start with a lot of walking AND running.  Losing the baby weight and “bouncing back” was actually quite easy!  Eventually I really started to LOVE to run.  I enjoyed challenging myself and loved the feeling of accomplishment as I added miles to my runs.  I started training for my first half marathon in July of 2010.  After already getting up to 10 miles, the half marathon I was training for was cancelled.  I couldn’t believe it!  After much thought, I decided not to wait until May of 2011 to run the Pittsburgh half marathon…I decided to just go for the FULL!  I completed my first full marathon in May of 2011, and it was an amazing sense of accomplishment!

Life then began to change….A LOT!  I was involuntarily moved to 4th grade in my school after teaching 2nd grade for six years.  It was a matter of completely starting over…just when I thought I had this full-time working mom thing down.  I’ll admit…it rocked my world.  We were also building a house, moved in, and was then pregnant with my second child.  We were going to have a girl in April of 2012.  Again we were absolutely thrilled!  After having Ashlyn (my second C-section), bouncing back did not come too easy.  I STRUGGLED the second time around.  I could not lose the weight.  I was still nursing.  I had to go back to work earlier than with Jordan.  I was not myself.  I didn’t feel good.  I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.  Work was CRAZY!  Life was CRAZY!

In November of 2012, I joined my first online challenge group with my coach.  It was about a month after I went back to work from my maternity leave.  It was a group with all busy moms.  Robb at one point had gotten the program Insanity from Craigslist.  I decided to give it a try…especially if it meant not taking a ton of time away from my family, but I would still be able to take care of myself AND get a good workout.  I LOVED the classes I took at the gym.  I knew those workouts would be hard to replace.  It turned out to be JUST what I needed.  I LOVED the support from the other women in the group.  It was so great to connect and interact with other moms trying to make their health and fitness a priority.  We shared our ups and downs and supported each other through it all.  I fell in LOVE with Insanity.  I fell in LOVE with the challenge group.  I fell in love with it so much…so much that I decided to sign up as a Team Beachbody Coach in January of 2013.  Little did I know how LIFE-CHANGING this little opportunity would be.

The main reason I signed up as a coach was to help others the way I was helped, and to help busy women/moms realize they CAN take care of themselves.  To help them realize the importance of taking care of themselves in order to be the best they could be!  Since becoming a health and fitness coach, I have become both a Certified Insanity and P90X Instructor.  I have completed a lot of programs including Insanity MAX:30, 21-Day Fix, 21-Day Fix Extreme, PiYo, the Ultimate Reset, Hammer & Chisel, 22 Minute Hard Corps, and Core De Force.  I have been able to surround myself with an AMAZING community of coaches.  I founded my team…Team Fit & Focused.  The environment I work in is constantly positive and uplifting.  I have focused on personal development and have strengthened my faith.  Life as a coach has been really, really good.

I knew I always wanted to teach….I couldn’t imagine not doing it.  And I knew there was always a purpose for me in life.  I discovered this was it.  With this opportunity, I combined my love for teaching with my love for health and fitness, and decided to go full-time with my health and fitness coaching business.  I basically worked my butt off to make this happen and truly enjoyed every second of it!  I resigned from teaching (in the classroom) in June of 2015.  I have been a full-time health and fitness coach since.  I’m still most definitely a teacher….just in a different way.  I can work from HOME and stay home with my two beautiful children who are now 6 and 4.  I have been blessed with this opportunity and this life. Now it is time to keep paying it forward.

My passion lies with health and fitness and helping others!


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