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It’s as easy as that!!  This year Team Beachbody is totally outdoing themselves!  Not only have they created amazing 21, 30, 60, and 90-day programs proven to provide amazing results, but they are now making it possible for you to EASILY create healthy habits and lifestyles beyond that timeframe.  With the All-Access Pass to Beachbody on Demand, you will have access to every single Beachbody program ever created AND any future programs released for an entire year!  You can access Beachbody on Demand on any web-enabled device including your computer, smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon FireStick.


There is a LIMITED-TIME offer for an amazing deal on the Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand and Shakeology Challenge Pack.  What is included in the Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand + Shakeology Challenge Pack?

1) 1-Year Membership to Beachbody On Demand (BOD) with all content included, plus future releases. (Several new releases are coming I hear! Can’t wait!)
2) Shakeology (choice of one month supply)
3) Portion Fix (includes 7-piece portion control container set, eating guide, large blue container & shaker cup)
4) Access to ME, your FREE coach all year long! You’ll be added to my exclusive online support group!

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Let me break this down for you ….There are essentially 3 sale options available:

Option 1: BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!  The Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand + Shakeology Challenge Pack is $199 USD.

Option 2: The Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand membership is $99.95 USD (sans Shakeology)

Option 3: Current Beachbody On Demand members can upgrade to the Annual All-Access membership at  Prices vary depending on whether you have the free trial membership or the quarterly membership.

For more information, email me at!  Let’s make 2017 your healthiest year yet!

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Core De Force

It was love at first PUNCH!  Core De Force is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) inspired program that combines combos and spikes to get your heart pumping.  This program requires ZERO equipment.  It has a ton of body weight strength exercises built into the program to tone and shred your body.

Joel and Jericho are AMAZING trainers.  I love their style, energy, and vibrance!  They just feed off of each other’s vibes the entire program.  I first got to workout with them LIVE on the Success Club cruise in March 2016.  I instantly fell in love with their workouts!  And I had a hunch at that point there may be something coming out with them, but I just didn’t know exactly what it was at that time!  Core De Force was first introduced to us at Summit 2016.  It was given a fall 2016 release date.


The meal plan is similar to the Fix Portion Control system.  The color-coded containers make it super easy to track!  I followed Plan A and was satisfied throughout the 30 Days.  During Weeks 2 and 3, an extra purple container (fruit) is allowed and during Week 3 an additional blue container (healthy fat) is allowed.  That helped with the intensity and durations of the workouts.  I drank Shakeology every single day for my breakfast.  I used Energize and Recover from the Beachbody Performance Line and felt it made a huge difference in the effort and intensity I was able to give to this program.  Here’s a look at what a day looked like for eating.



During Round 1 of Core De Force, I came across many obstacles that did not stop me from getting the results I achieved.  Thanksgiving fell in those 30 days.  I also had family in town and we were on the go quite a bit with activities with the kids and eating out.  I also had six days of travel to Las Vegas for a conference.  Going into this round with the right mindset had everything to do with why I was able to still get the results I was looking for.  My focus was all in moderation for Thanksgiving and when family was in town.  I did not deprive myself of the foods I loved.  Instead I allotted containers for particular foods I knew I wanted to have.  I stayed away from wine, rolls, and seconds.  When traveling to the conference, we spent the majority of the time in the convention center.  I had all of my food packed, so I did not need to get convenience food.  I was so proud I was able to stay on track during the 30 days.  Was it easy??  NO!!  Was it worth it??  ABSOLUTELY!!

I think what played the biggest part in being able to stay on track was the online accountability groups that I plugged myself in to!  I was in an exclusive COACH group for my larger Beachbody team.  I also ran a group with my team, Team Fit & Focused.  The support I get from these groups is tremendous and makes all the difference in the world!  I am extremely grateful for all the support, motivation, and encouragement these groups have provided for me!

I am THRILLED with my results!  I lost 5.5 lbs and 9.5 in!!  I really notice a difference in my core and in my arms.  Goes to show you – you do NOT need weights to tone your body!  You can use your own body weight to do just that!  I am continuing with Core De Force through the end of the year.  If you have any questions about this program, please email me at

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CDF Results 1

CDF Results 2


22 Minute Hard Corps

Tony Horton’s newest program is being released on March 1st!   Time is no longer an issue with these 22 minute bootcamp style workouts.  The workouts feature a blend of cardio and resistance training that targets multiple major muscle groups in your body and can help you get shredded fast.


What you need to know….

*This is an 8-week program.

*Workouts are done 6 days a week.

*There are 3 cardio workouts, 3 resistance workouts, and 2 core workouts.

*Dumbbells and a pull-up bar OR bands with a door attachment are needed.

*The exercises are tough enough to challenge you, but straightforward enough for you to do on day one.

*A Quick Start Mission Guide and Basic Training Action Plan (calendar) are included.

*There is a Rations for Results Nutrition Field Guide included with the program.

*When purchased through your Team Beachbody Coach, you receive a FREE DVD – Hard Corps Battle Buddy Workout

*There will be two discounted bundled options with 22 Minute Hard Corps – one with Shakeology and one with Beachbody Performance Recover and Energize.

22 minute hard corp cg

Join ME as I take on this program!  Email me at with any questions or if you are ready to join!! :-)

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A Life-Changing Program

I’ve been a health and fitness coach with Team Beachbody for three years now.  I fell in LOVE with Insanity.  It is a high-intensity workout that gives me a total body workout!  It’s a mix of cardio with bodyweight strength exercises.  It is honestly my soulmate workout.  However, the DVDs are INTENSE!!  It is definitely a program not suited for everyone.  It really is not for beginners at all without there being a modifier during the workouts.  In fact it is not a program I recommend for very many people!!  Now taking my Insanity LIVE class or Insanity MAX:30 are both different stories.  They both offer modifications to allow for different fitness levels.

In the three years I have been coaching, there is one program that stands out as the most life-changing workout program.  It is suited for ALL fitness levels.  There is a modifier for every exercise and you can push yourself at a higher intensity and use heavier weights for a more challenging workout.  The variety of workouts is awesome….you get cardio, strength, yoga, and pilates with this program.  The best part is the workouts are only 30 minutes!!  And it does not stop there.  The meal plan is totally realistic for a healthy lifestyle….it is not super restrictive….it is NOT a “diet” (I really dislike that word).  You can treat yourself with this nutrition plan as part of the program.  You eat a variety of foods and you focus on portion control.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, this program is called the 21-Day Fix.


The 21-Day Fix is truly a program I recommend almost on a daily basis.  It is THAT good and I truly BELIEVE in this program and the beliefs behind it.  Your body needs exercise and proper fuel to feel its BEST.  So many people do not know what your body is really meant to feel like.  This SIMPLE plan will help you feel and look your best.  It is not a quick fix by any means.  It is a 21-day program, but often people complete several rounds to reach the goals they sought out to reach.  Realistically this program will help you lose 5-10 lbs. within the first round.  But more importantly, the 21-Day Fix is meant to help teach you how to exercise and eat properly to make it a HABIT…to make it a LIFESTYLE.  It’s gotten to the point where I know how many proteins, veggies, fruits, etc. I should eat in a day and I can eyeball my portions without using those adorable, color-coded containers :-)  That’s why this program has been so life-changing.

If you are NOT looking to lose weight, this program is definitely still for you!!  You can eat according to your goals, which means if you would like to maintain your weight but still want to get the benefits of the workouts and clean eating, you can do just that!  It truly is a program for EVERYONE!!


My TOP 5 Reasons to Complete the 21-Day Fix:

1) Autumn Calabrese is an AWESOME trainer!

2) The workouts are ONLY 30 minutes, which means you can fit it into your BUSY schedule!

3) Dirty 30 is my FAVORITE workout!  It’s a strength workout that works your whole body!

4) It takes 21 days to form a habit :-)

5) You can have wine and chocolate with this nutrition plan!

My 21-Day Fix Results

-5.5 lbs and 8.5 in



Check out the 21-Day Fix discounted BUNDLE! :-)

If you are interested in trying out the 21-Day Fix, email me at!  I would love to support you through this program :-)


The Philadelphia Marathon

I would have to say running the Philadelphia Marathon is one of my proudest accomplishments from 2015.  The last time and only time I ran a marathon was the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2011.  Jordan was 17 months old.  He was the reason I got into running…I wanted to get my workouts in without having to leave him much when he was tiny.  So I decided to get myself a jogging stroller.  I got hooked pretty quickly with the challenge I gave myself to increase my mileage.  I just decided to go for that full before even running a half marathon!!

After I ran my first marathon, I got pregnant with my second child.  Once having Ashlyn, training for a marathon seemed almost impossible with working full-time, spending time with my family, taking care of my house, etc.  About 8 months after having Ashlyn, I became a health and fitness coach.  My health and fitness became an even bigger part of my life.  After almost 2.5 years working my health and fitness coaching business, I decided to go full-time with it, so I could work from home and be with my children.  I decided to leave my full-time teaching job.  It definitely wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was the right decision for my family and me.

With resigning from teaching and coaching full-time, I knew this was my chance to run another marathon and to do one in the fall.  As a teacher, running a marathon in the fall during Back-to-School was definitely NOT happening!!  So this goal I set for myself had a bigger meaning….it was my reward for myself for growing my business and making it possible to go full-time with it.  Running this marathon signified what was now possible for our family.  The flexibility we now had.  The time we would have together.  The hard work and dedication I had.  The faith and courage I had.  Crossing that finish line was an amazing feeling…one full of emotions…full of gratitude.

I started my training as soon as I returned from Team Beachbody’s Coach Summit in Nashville, TN on July 20th.  My training for the most part went really well.  I definitely had my ups and downs, but I had learned a lot from my first marathon training experience.

On November 20th it was time to make the trip to Philadelphia.  Robb’s family is from there, so we had plans to stay with his parents and visit with family and friends while we were there.  I was nervous about hydrating myself properly while traveling and staying on track with eating.  I think I went into the weekend with a good plan, so everything worked out well.


On race day, my sister-in-law and I went down to the city together.  Linda was running the half, so we got to start together.  That helped so much with my race day jitters!!!  I stressed about getting down there, staying warm before the race, going to the bathroom, etc.  As usual everything worked out just fine and I had no reason to stress!!  However, security was INSANE!!!  Every runner had to go through security to get to the starting line.  Apparently that was a first (which I’m glad they were looking out for our safety), so the race started late.  I don’t think any runners anticipated those security lines!!


The first half of the race was AMAZING!!!  The crowd was awesome.  I felt great.  I was actually trying to hold myself back to save some energy for later.  I knew I would get to see my family at the halfway mark….well so I thought!!  That was my first obstacle of the race.  That security I mentioned for the runners was just as bad for the spectators.  Robb and the kids missed me at the halfway point.  I was looking all over for them.  When I got the text he thought he missed me, I was devastated.  That was a bit of a mental struggle thinking about not seeing them for ANOTHER 13 miles!  Yikes!!  But I just pushed forward and kept staying strong!

The second half was pretty tough.  There were a lot less people in the crowd (which I was prepared for).  It was an up and back loop.  Again mentally seeing runners going the opposite direction to the finish and those mile markers in the mid-20s was something I needed to push through.  The temperature was pretty mild, but it got windier and chillier along the river.  I was definitely running against the wind the second half.  I made sure to hydrate at every station…I alternated between water and gatorade.  While on the course, I also had a pack of my sport beans and two carb booms.  Apparently I wasn’t quite hydrated enough…I started feeling like I had golf balls in my thighs and I was starting to cramp up at times.  When I slowed down it actually felt WORSE!  Again it was something I pushed through and kept talking to myself to get through it.  Running a marathon is physically draining….but I think it is mostly emotionally draining!!

At around mile 21 I was pretty much STRUGGLING!!  See at this point during my first marathon, my brother hopped in the race with me to run the last 5 miles.  That helped a TON and I’m so incredible grateful for that!!  I don’t think I could really think about my body hurting.  However, my amazing friend, Diana, appeared right around mile 22 and it was literally PERFECT timing!!!  It was just the boost I needed to finish the race!!


During the last 4 miles, all I kept thinking about was running to my family!  I could not wait to see them…especially after missing them at the halfway point.  I was also going the opposite direction towards the finish line at this point.  Now I was seeing all those people still running to the turnaround point!  That helped a lot knowing I was SO close to the finish line!!  It’s amazing the thoughts and emotions that run through your head while you are running a marathon and getting so close to the finish.  It is a tremendous amount of work that goes into training for a full marathon.  It is all totally worth it when you cross that finish line!

The crowds in the last mile were once again incredible!  Exactly what I needed in the end!  As I crossed the finish line, with a new PR, all I could do is cry!  Yep….I told you totally emotionally draining!!!  And here goes the crying again as I’m writing this!!  Texts and messages were coming in with such encouraging and congratulatory things to say.  Some people were tracking me through texts and/or Facebook.  I was so PROUD.  And I was so grateful for the support I had at that moment and all throughout my training.  And I couldn’t wait to get to my family!!  The corridor after the finish line seemed to go on forever….I waddled my way to Robb (yes, I was so incredibly sore and could hardly walk) and he took me to the kids.  It was the most amazing reuniting!!  Jordan and Ashlyn were so excited to see me!!!  They were the cutest little fans I have!!  As we walked to the car, Jordan held my hand and was so concerned with my poor mobility at the moment :-) And he also asked if we could run on the trail when we got back to Pittsburgh…it’s amazing how much of an impact you can have on your children.  I told him I may need a little break, but we would definitely get out on that trail.


The Philadelphia Marathon will definitely go into the books as one to remember!!  With a time of 3:52:12, I improved over 7 minutes from my first marathon (3:59:30).  Hmmmm….I’m seriously thinking about doing another fall full next year and thinking about NYC!!



Marathon Training

Well I’m over 15 weeks into my training with less than 3 weeks to go!  The time has FLOWN by!  This summer I decided I really wanted to commit to running my second marathon.  I ran my first marathon in Pittsburgh in May of 2011.  After resigning from teaching and going full-time with my health and fitness coaching business, I knew I could do a fall marathon.  After doing a little research, I found out the Philadelphia Marathon was exactly 18 weeks after I returned from Beachbody’s Coach Summit in Nashville, TN.  It was PERFECT!!  Not to mention, it was a great excuse to visit Robb’s family in Philly!!  My sister-in-law is running the half marathon, so we get to start together!  So my marathon training began the week of July 19th…this Pittsburgh girl was on her road to run Philly!


I found one of Hal Higdon’s marathon training guides…I used one of his the first time I trained.  However, with the other workouts I do, I altered it to fit my schedule.  I have not been running four days a week and I do not rest two days.  My schedule has been yoga/strength on Mondays, short run on Tuesdays, teach Insanity on Wednesdays, short run on Thursdays, rest on Fridays, teach Insanity on Saturdays, and long run on Sundays.  I have followed the Hal Higdon guide as far as the long runs go.  I did my 20-miler this past weekend!!  Woohoo!!!  Here is a link to the guide I based my training from.

Marathon Training Guide

So even though I have run one marathon, two half marathons, three 10ks, and many 5ks, I honestly still think of myself as a newbie!!  I am learning as I go!  I have definitely had my ups and downs with my training, but I have also applied what I have learned from my previous experiences.  I had a lot of trouble with my IT band when I trained for my first marathon.  Weekly trips to the chiropractor and lots of foam rolling got me through my training.  This time around I have stayed on top of it and have been proactive.  My IT band has gotten a little tight here and there, but I have kept everything under control with foam rolling from the start AND my weekly yoga sessions.  I am NOT a yogi at all!!  But I have learned to love incorporating it into my marathon training.  It is something I now look forward to the day after my long run!  Insanity is something I was NOT doing the first time I trained for a marathon.  I think this high-intensity interval training has been a HUGE help with my training!!  It’s a nice change from doing an additional day of running.  Three days a week of running has been perfect for me!

Fortunately I have pretty much stayed injury-free throughout my training!  The biggest issue I have had is with my shoes!  I ran my first marathon in Nike Pegasus running shoes and have had about four pairs since.  I decided to stick with what has been working for me.  Well I don’t know what happened, but I have been experiencing some numbing in my left ball of my foot into some of my toes.  It would happen on my long runs once I got to eight miles.  It would be off and on, and sometimes I would have to take off my shoe in the middle of my run.  It was getting ridiculous!  I ended up getting new insoles.  I thought they were working out well for me until I did my 20-mile run this past weekend.  Again I was experiencing the numbing/pain (off and on), but the last 1.5 miles both of my feet HURT!!!  It would be really tough to experience that pain for the remaining 6+ miles I would still have to go in the marathon.  So with three weeks left, I decided to go back and get fitted for new shoes.  I went with the recommended Saucony Ride 8 running shoes.  I have exactly 43 miles left to run in my training to break these shoes in.  Fingers crossed these work out for me!!

I am now tapering….WOOHOO!!!…in my training.  It’s hard to believe only two long runs left before the BIG DAY!!  I’ve decided to really watch my nutrition the last three weeks and follow the 21-Day Fix.  Of course the last 2-3 days before race day I’ll be increasing my carbs.  I am EXCITED and NERVOUS!!!  It’s a little intimidating running a marathon in a different city.  My goal for my first marathon was to break four hours…I managed to finish just under at 3:59:30.  My average pace per mile was 9:09 min.  My goal for my second marathon is to beat 3:59:30.  Ideally I’d love for my pace to be around 9:00 min./mile.  I’m confident my body AND mind can get me there!!  Cheers to less than three weeks to go!!