Transform from the Inside Out

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Different kind of transformation for you today 💗 See maybe you haven’t seen a very physical transformation with me (with Ashlyn…YES! 😜) Sure numbers have gone up and down on the scale and with inches. Sure I’ve seen some amazing results from many of the programs I’ve completed. But what you really can’t see at all are the changes from the inside…my spiritual and personal development…for me personally, this is my biggest transformation 💕
When I started my journey with Insanity, I was a new mom of two who just went back to work full time as a teacher. I was down on myself. I missed my children. I felt like I couldn’t do it all. I couldn’t figure out how to make my health and fitness a priority and take care of me while I was taking care of everyone else. But I was willing to try and make a change despite huge hesitations and being a big skeptic. 😳
What I found was a program I loved and a solution for myself. I could workout in my classroom or at home and start feeling better about myself. Shaun T motivated me every single day. The moms in the online accountability group I was in inspired me everyday. That change I almost didn’t make was working. 👍
Then fast forward to becoming a coach a few months later. Actually a year and a half later. I finally decided to take personal development seriously (my only regret with coaching…not starting personal development sooner!!). I decided to make it a priority. I read and listened to books. I listened to podcasts. I didn’t just take care of my body physically. I started taking care of it mentally. 💗
But I was still missing something. I was still craving something else. That something ended up being a personal relationship with God. I began reading Christian related personal development. I began to seek that relationship. Our family attended a new church. We all grew in our faith. 💕
Now that girl on the right is so different. My faith is stronger than ever. I have more confidence and belief in myself and what I do. I work on and care to be a better me each day. I dream big. I know I have a purpose and I’m working to fulfill that purpose. I strive to be the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, coach, mentor, and leader. I know I am made for more. And I want others to realize this too. I’m proud of the woman on the right, because I have worked so, so hard to get there. 🙏
No, I’m not perfect. I’m always on my own journey. I will always work on me. I will continue to pray for direction and guidance each day. And I encourage you to do the same. You are worth it. You are made for more. Make YOU a priority in your life. ❤️

The Power of Personal Development

Personal development has become such an important part of my life in recent years.  I became a health and fitness coach with Team Beachbody over 4 years ago now.  One of the vital behaviors we are encouraged to do as a coach is personal development.  At first I did not take this seriously….actually for awhile!  It wasn’t until after a year and a half as a coach that I began to realize this was something I could greatly benefit from.  Unfortunately the only regret I have since becoming a coach, is not starting personal development sooner!!

Here is what defines personal development:

Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develops talents and potential, enhances the quality of life and contributes to the realization of dreams and aspirations.  Personal development takes place over the course of a person’s entire life.

I think I’ve always had the mentality to DO, DO, DO!  Personal development allows me the opportunity to reflect on the actions and choices I make.  The types of personal development I have done include reading books, listening to books, listening to podcasts, attending live conferences and events, and watching videos.  Personal development gives you the ability to improve in every aspect of your life.  I have done personal development to grow in my marriage, as a parent, in my spiritual development, as a leader, as a business owner, etc.

One of the biggest benefits I have gained through personal development is the ability to focus on the good.  To stay positive.  To always have gratitude.  This right here has changed my life.  When you change your thinking, you truly change your life.

change your thinking

There is always room to grow and learn.  There is always room to become a better parent, spouse, child, leader, friend…a better YOU!  You just need to make the decision to take action in doing so.

Some of my favorite personal development books include:

The Slight Edge

The Miracle Morning

You Are a Badass

The 5 Love Languages

Crash the Chatterbox

Made to Crave

The Gifts of Imperfection

Today I encourage you to take control of your life and your thinking.  Pick up a book or listen to a podcast today.  Start small and think baby steps.  Decide which area of your life you want to improve on most.  I would love the opportunity to help you get started with your personal development journey!  If you need any direction at all, please send me an email at

personal development

Being Intentional in 2017

I was asked to speak and do a LIVE Insanity class at my first Team Beachbody Super Saturday in Idaho Falls.  It was an honor to be asked by one of my mentors and coaches I look up to.  I was given a 60 minute time frame for my presentation.  I’ve done Team Calls many times for Team Fit & Focused and for our larger teams.  But this was different.  This would be LIVE in person.  I’ve always been a NERVOUS WRECK to speak in public.  Between my personal and spiritual development and my growing love for coaching and helping others, I somehow felt calmness and more excitement than nervousness.  I got to share my story…all the details.  And I also got to do a training.  After much thought I chose to share about Being Intentional in 2017.

With all the personal development I have done, I have realized the importance of living your life on purpose….living an intentional life.  My presentation talked about being intentional with your coaching business.  But there are so many ways to live your LIFE with intent.


1 – Dream big.

Never settle for less.  Don’t just take what you can get.  Create exactly what you want.  Identify what you want your life to communicate and contribute.

2 – Uncover your values and prioritize.

What is most important to you?  Your spirituality?  Your family?  Health?  Whatever it is, decide to make them a priority.  We all have the same amount of time in a day.

3 – Set goals.

Take your values and set goals for yourself in those areas.  WRITE THEM DOWN.  Decide what actions you need to take in each area.

4 – Prepare for resistance.

It’s natural to have fears and self-doubts.  But know that resistance means you are on the right path.  You wouldn’t have those fears if it didn’t matter to you.

5 – Take one step at a time.

Are your actions aligned with your values and goals?  Make sure what you are doing today is preparing yourself for the kind of person you need to be to reach your goals.  Be patient.  It doesn’t happen overnight.

6 – Decide to live YOUR life.

Stop comparing yourself to others.  You were not born to live their life.  There is no sense wasting yours being jealous of theirs.  You were born to live YOUR life.  Determine today to be good at it.

Watch my presentation HERE 💗

Email me at to hear more about being intentional in your life and reaching your goals for you and your family 💕


Face Your Fears

I’ve recently been reading a couple books by Cara Alwill Leyba.  I LOVE them!  I’m now finished with Girl Code and I have moved on to Fearless & Fabulous.  They have really got me thinking about the fears I have faced and the fears women tell me about almost everyday.

As a health and fitness coach, I work with a lot of women looking for help on their own health and fitness journey and I also work with a lot of women who are starting their own coaching business.  I know there are a lot of people who are afraid of change.  They are afraid of failing with their own journey.  They are afraid of overcommitting.  They are afraid they won’t follow through.  They are afraid they won’t have enough time.  They are afraid this isn’t right for them.

But what if the change is a good thing?  What if this is exactly what you need?  Working on yourself (and paying it forward) can be one of the BEST things you can do.

For me personally I have faced one of the biggest fears of my life just recently.  In June 2015 I made the decision to resign from teaching and work from home as a full-time coach.  There were a few reasons I made this decision, but my biggest reason was to be home with my children.  To be more available to them.  It was definitely a decision I didn’t make overnight.  It was a WELL thought out decision.  I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do, but I still had so many fears run through my mind.  I was afraid of failing.  I was afraid of what people would think.  I was afraid I would miss teaching.  But there is something else that is pretty scary…..REGRET.   Always thinking WHAT IF?

So many of us are so afraid of failure we never even begin.  We never take that first step to prove to ourselves just how courageous we are if we just start.  For me, it was letting my passion drive me.  I focused so much on my passion, what I love, and having faith that the right people would get my message.  And when things don’t go the way I want them to go the first time, I find another way.  I adjust my course.  I FAIL forward.  I interrupt my fear with gratitude.  I shift my energy to what IS going right and what I’m thankful for.

When I truly think back, one of the biggest things I was worried about was what other people would think.  I don’t even know why I cared so much about this.  I knew those who loved me most and knew what was going on for me personally were completely supportive of this decision.  And when it came down to sharing my decision publicly, most people were extremely supportive and happy for me.  It has helped to surround myself with people who lift me up, encourage me, and challenge me to be better.  It was a silly fear to have.  I realize that now.  I could have let that hold me back, but I didn’t.

You may not even realize it, but you are forever changed as a person when you remain chained to a life that is not aligned with your authentic self.  Little by little you begin to lack the exuberance, creativity, and the appetite for life that you once had.  And it shows.  Your personal choices and decisions on how you decide to live your life are just that: personal.  The things that make you happy are priceless and the people who love you should understand that completely.  And if they don’t, it’s not your problem.   -Fearless & Fabulous

I’m thrilled to say I have NO regrets from the decision I made.  Of course there have been ups and downs and I would be lying if I said it has been easy.  But nothing worth having comes easy.  I LOVE all the time I get with my family.  I LOVE what I do.  I LOVE combining my passions for education and health and fitness.  I know I’m fulfilling my purpose.  I’m so glad I didn’t let my fears hold me back.

If you have dreams…GO AFTER THEM!  If you want to try something new…DO IT!  If something or someone is holding you back…DON’T LET IT!  Fear can be responsible for changing your life…for better OR for worse!  Stay positive.  Take action.  And never give up!

No Regrets

There once was a girl who was a 2nd grade teacher. It was a dream come true. Getting this job was something she had wanted since she was a little first grader. Her world was pretty amazing. She got married and had her first baby. Once she came back to work, her world was rocked a bit. She was displaced and moved to 4th grade. She made the best of the situation and fell in love with her students. But things changed. Things were different. School felt much different. 😔

She now had two children at home. And she also started a little “side gig” combining her love for educating people and her passion for health and fitness. This “side gig” turned into something amazing. It filled her heart. It filled her purpose. She was making a difference. She was mentoring others. She was surrounded with so many incredible people and such a positive environment. As much as she always wanted to be a teacher, she realized she could do something else that would bring her home to her children. She wouldn’t have to miss out on her children’s lives. She also wouldn’t miss out on a fulfilling career.

Now she stays at home with her two children. She is her son’s homeroom mom. She takes her son to the bus stop and picks him up. She makes her own schedule. She can drop anything for her kids and family members without having to ask for time off. She has an extremely fulfilling job. She takes care of her health physically and mentally. She helps others do the same. She helps other people create this fulfilling life.

Today she makes what she made in two weeks at her teaching job in one week with her “side gig.” She gets to do it from home while not missing out with her children.

Yes, this is MY story. And if I didn’t share it, so many people out there could miss out on their own opportunity. It’s actually super uncomfortable for me to talk about income 😳😁 However, I know it’s necessary in sharing this opportunity.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, I would LOVE to help you. This opportunity is far from some sort of pyramid scheme or scam. When done the right way, it can be life-changing.

It’s scary to try something new or unconventional. I’m very aware many people thought I was crazy for leaving teaching 😜 But know what’s even scarier? Regret. I believe in not settling. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.

“Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.


The Philadelphia Marathon

I would have to say running the Philadelphia Marathon is one of my proudest accomplishments from 2015.  The last time and only time I ran a marathon was the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2011.  Jordan was 17 months old.  He was the reason I got into running…I wanted to get my workouts in without having to leave him much when he was tiny.  So I decided to get myself a jogging stroller.  I got hooked pretty quickly with the challenge I gave myself to increase my mileage.  I just decided to go for that full before even running a half marathon!!

After I ran my first marathon, I got pregnant with my second child.  Once having Ashlyn, training for a marathon seemed almost impossible with working full-time, spending time with my family, taking care of my house, etc.  About 8 months after having Ashlyn, I became a health and fitness coach.  My health and fitness became an even bigger part of my life.  After almost 2.5 years working my health and fitness coaching business, I decided to go full-time with it, so I could work from home and be with my children.  I decided to leave my full-time teaching job.  It definitely wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was the right decision for my family and me.

With resigning from teaching and coaching full-time, I knew this was my chance to run another marathon and to do one in the fall.  As a teacher, running a marathon in the fall during Back-to-School was definitely NOT happening!!  So this goal I set for myself had a bigger meaning….it was my reward for myself for growing my business and making it possible to go full-time with it.  Running this marathon signified what was now possible for our family.  The flexibility we now had.  The time we would have together.  The hard work and dedication I had.  The faith and courage I had.  Crossing that finish line was an amazing feeling…one full of emotions…full of gratitude.

I started my training as soon as I returned from Team Beachbody’s Coach Summit in Nashville, TN on July 20th.  My training for the most part went really well.  I definitely had my ups and downs, but I had learned a lot from my first marathon training experience.

On November 20th it was time to make the trip to Philadelphia.  Robb’s family is from there, so we had plans to stay with his parents and visit with family and friends while we were there.  I was nervous about hydrating myself properly while traveling and staying on track with eating.  I think I went into the weekend with a good plan, so everything worked out well.


On race day, my sister-in-law and I went down to the city together.  Linda was running the half, so we got to start together.  That helped so much with my race day jitters!!!  I stressed about getting down there, staying warm before the race, going to the bathroom, etc.  As usual everything worked out just fine and I had no reason to stress!!  However, security was INSANE!!!  Every runner had to go through security to get to the starting line.  Apparently that was a first (which I’m glad they were looking out for our safety), so the race started late.  I don’t think any runners anticipated those security lines!!


The first half of the race was AMAZING!!!  The crowd was awesome.  I felt great.  I was actually trying to hold myself back to save some energy for later.  I knew I would get to see my family at the halfway mark….well so I thought!!  That was my first obstacle of the race.  That security I mentioned for the runners was just as bad for the spectators.  Robb and the kids missed me at the halfway point.  I was looking all over for them.  When I got the text he thought he missed me, I was devastated.  That was a bit of a mental struggle thinking about not seeing them for ANOTHER 13 miles!  Yikes!!  But I just pushed forward and kept staying strong!

The second half was pretty tough.  There were a lot less people in the crowd (which I was prepared for).  It was an up and back loop.  Again mentally seeing runners going the opposite direction to the finish and those mile markers in the mid-20s was something I needed to push through.  The temperature was pretty mild, but it got windier and chillier along the river.  I was definitely running against the wind the second half.  I made sure to hydrate at every station…I alternated between water and gatorade.  While on the course, I also had a pack of my sport beans and two carb booms.  Apparently I wasn’t quite hydrated enough…I started feeling like I had golf balls in my thighs and I was starting to cramp up at times.  When I slowed down it actually felt WORSE!  Again it was something I pushed through and kept talking to myself to get through it.  Running a marathon is physically draining….but I think it is mostly emotionally draining!!

At around mile 21 I was pretty much STRUGGLING!!  See at this point during my first marathon, my brother hopped in the race with me to run the last 5 miles.  That helped a TON and I’m so incredible grateful for that!!  I don’t think I could really think about my body hurting.  However, my amazing friend, Diana, appeared right around mile 22 and it was literally PERFECT timing!!!  It was just the boost I needed to finish the race!!


During the last 4 miles, all I kept thinking about was running to my family!  I could not wait to see them…especially after missing them at the halfway point.  I was also going the opposite direction towards the finish line at this point.  Now I was seeing all those people still running to the turnaround point!  That helped a lot knowing I was SO close to the finish line!!  It’s amazing the thoughts and emotions that run through your head while you are running a marathon and getting so close to the finish.  It is a tremendous amount of work that goes into training for a full marathon.  It is all totally worth it when you cross that finish line!

The crowds in the last mile were once again incredible!  Exactly what I needed in the end!  As I crossed the finish line, with a new PR, all I could do is cry!  Yep….I told you totally emotionally draining!!!  And here goes the crying again as I’m writing this!!  Texts and messages were coming in with such encouraging and congratulatory things to say.  Some people were tracking me through texts and/or Facebook.  I was so PROUD.  And I was so grateful for the support I had at that moment and all throughout my training.  And I couldn’t wait to get to my family!!  The corridor after the finish line seemed to go on forever….I waddled my way to Robb (yes, I was so incredibly sore and could hardly walk) and he took me to the kids.  It was the most amazing reuniting!!  Jordan and Ashlyn were so excited to see me!!!  They were the cutest little fans I have!!  As we walked to the car, Jordan held my hand and was so concerned with my poor mobility at the moment :-) And he also asked if we could run on the trail when we got back to Pittsburgh…it’s amazing how much of an impact you can have on your children.  I told him I may need a little break, but we would definitely get out on that trail.


The Philadelphia Marathon will definitely go into the books as one to remember!!  With a time of 3:52:12, I improved over 7 minutes from my first marathon (3:59:30).  Hmmmm….I’m seriously thinking about doing another fall full next year and thinking about NYC!!



30 Thankful Days of November

It is so important to wake up and go to bed everyday grateful and thankful for the many blessings in your life.  I took 30 days in November to do just that.  Here is a glimpse of my November and all that I have to be thankful.  I’m glad I have all of these in one place to reflect upon if I ever think otherwise.  #FFisThankful

Day 1:  I can’t believe it is already November 1st! New months always make me excited and motivated, especially a month of giving thanks! I’m thankful for new months and fresh starts! #FFisThankful #MarathonMonth


Day 2:  Yoga Fix ✔️  Upper Fix ✔️  Foam rolling ✔️

Today I am thankful for yoga and foam rolling to stretch and massage my super sore muscles!!  #FFisThankful

Day 3:  This weather is incredible!! I’m so thankful I have been able to train for a fall marathon!  #FFisThankful


Day 4: I sure am thankful for the ability to wake up early while everyone else is still sleeping. I have had such a productive morning before anyone else is even awake! I love creating my own work hours :-) #FFisThankful #wahm #readyfortheday

Day 5:  When I was pregnant with Ashlyn, I remember thinking how could I ever love another baby as much as I loved Jordan. I would literally cry thinking about it (pregnancy hormones) and was so worried about how Jordan would adjust to being a big brother. Little did I know how much my heart would grow to add the love for this little girl. Ashlyn and I have an amazing bond that has only strengthened in the past two months. You spend so much one-on-one time with your first born, but it’s just not the same with your second…until now. I cherish the time we now have together. I’m so thankful for this beautiful, spunky, smart, bossy, happy, and tough little girl. She’s my workout buddy (Pilates Fix done and headed to the trail for a run this morning). Thank you God for blessing my life with her. ❤ #FFisThankful


Day 6:  Today I’m thankful I’m able to go to the bus stop each day to get Jordan off the bus…even if it is a gloomy and rainy day! I’ll take it!! #FFisThankful

Day 7:  When I teach Insanity, I am in the ZONE!! My focus is on the people taking my class and us all getting an AWESOME workout! It’s when everything else going on in the world just escapes my mind for those 50 minutes! I’m so thankful I discovered Insanity and Beachbody came out with the LIVE format! After years of thinking about it, this format is what finally made me a fitness instructor!  #FFisThankful


Day 8:  Today I’m so thankful for finding a church our whole family loves. To the point where as soon as I got home from my run, Ashlyn ran to me and asked me if I was ready to go to church (clearly I was not 😜)!! The fact that the kids absolutely love it makes it even more special! ❤ #FFisThankful #funnyfaces


Day 9: This is an incredible story! I’m so thankful a friend of mine sent it to me! Makes me super excited for the Philadelphia Marathon and now makes me want to run the NYC Marathon!! I won’t get ahead of myself!! 😜 ‪#‎FFisThankful‬ ‪#‎PittsburghgirlrunsPhilly‬

Everyday – Joy Johnson

Day 10:  Today I want to give a shoutout to Team Fit & Focused! I am so very blessed and thankful I get to work with these coaches every single day. This picture is just a tiny portion of our team. The coaches on our team are spread out across the country and into Canada! These individuals are some of the kindest people I know…not only do they have huge hearts, they are dreamers, doers, motivators, supporters, goal diggers, encouragers, helpers, and life-changers. Being a Team Beachbody coach on Team Fit & Focused is far more than any shake or workout program. We have a bigger purpose, and we come together everyday to serve that purpose. I’m so proud to be a part of this team! Thank you for all that you do! #FFisThankful


Day 11:  This morning I am thankful for a little shake called Shakeology. It sure has improved my health with the amount of vitamins and nutrients I’m getting all coming from whole foods. Never have I been able to take care of myself like I am able to now. For that I am extremely thankful! My health means everything to me! #FFisThankful


Day 12:  I saved a yellow container for tonight!! Any ideas why?! I’m meeting up with some coaches on my team and I plan on enjoying a glass of wine! 🍷I LOVE how this program (21-Day Fix) easily fits into my life. I’m so thankful it has fit into so many other people’s lives and they are able to live a healthier lifestyle! ❤ #FFisThankful


Day 13: I’m thankful for Friday nights with my family ❤ #FFisThankful


Day 14:  Jordan and Ashlyn were very excited to give our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child tonight at church. I’m thankful we are able to give to those in need. I really hope to give back even more in the future! #FFisThankful


Day 15:  Have you ever asked yourself the following questions…

Is there anything I need to do more of?

Is there anything I need to do less of?

Is there anything I need to start doing?

Is there anything I need to stop doing?

Almost three years ago, I was ready for a change. I was ready to take better care of myself and my family. I was ready to surround myself with positive people. I was ready for a positive change in my life. That positive change was making the decision to become a Team Beachbody Coach. When I decided to become a coach, I had three goals:

1) Get a discount
2) Help other busy women/moms like me
3) Earn a little money to pay for my Shakeology

I knew nothing about network marketing. I knew nothing about running a business. I knew nothing about becoming an entrepreneur. What I did know is that I had a passion for health and fitness, I wanted to help others, and I was following my heart.

Very SLOWLY I learned about the business. Very SLOWLY I grew my business. And eventually I realized the potential of this company and decided to go ALL IN. Nothing happened overnight for me. I NEVER went into this business wanting to replace my teaching job! But with consistency and hard work, I was able to make this a full-time career. There was something inside me that knew this was for me…this would allow me to contribute significantly to my family, but allow me to do it from home. I can do it from home while being with my two children. I am so thankful for this opportunity and how it has changed my life!

My point in all of this is that I went into this just wanting a small positive change in my life. Yes, it turned into something a lot bigger than I ever imagined. But it was that decision that initially gave me that small positive change. I had the CHOICE to do as much or as little as I wanted.

Are you looking for a change? Do you need something positive in your life? Do you have health and fitness goals you would like to reach? Would you like to make a little OR a lot of extra income for you and your family? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, I want to HELP YOU!

I am looking to work with FIVE individuals who want to get started NOW before the new year begins! I would like to mentor you with your business and help you reach your health and fitness goals. If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity and getting on a coach opportunity call this week, like, comment, or message me! I would love to talk about how this can fit into your life! #FFisThankful #changeisgood #changeyourlife

—Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

Day 16:  Today I am thankful for this sweet face. For this boy…my son. The one who called me mommy first…even if it took awhile! 😜 I had my first parent/teacher conference with his kindergarten teacher today. I’m so proud of how hard he is working in school and what he has accomplished in such a short while. My life sure has been forever changed with this loving little boy in it! 💙 #FFisThankful


Day 17:  I am so thankful for the support I get from my online challenge groups! One of my challengers tagged me in this post today and I loved it!! When I trained for my first marathon, I was not a coach and I was not involved with the challenge groups I’m in now. What a world of difference it has made!! So thank you to all the amazing challengers and coaches who have supported me…especially during the past almost 18 weeks of training! You have no idea how much you have helped me!! #FFisThankful


Day 18:  Today I’m thankful for all the one-on-one or small group calls I get to do with coaches on my team. I love getting that time with them. This week I have had the privilege to chat with Marissa Joy, Beckie Ritter Lemley, Diana Filo, Stephanie Locklear Albrecht, Jennifer Marshall, and Melissa Tidwell Criscillis…thank you for spending the time with me, lifting me up, and for how hard you work to change the lives around you! #FFisThankful

lift you up

Day 19:  #tbt 4.5 years ago I ran my first marathon in Pittsburgh…I didn’t even run a half marathon before running a full. I might have been a little crazy…but I did it! And this guy right here has always been such a huge supporter! He followed me around Pittsburgh with Jordan and my family, and this weekend he will be following me around Philly with Jordan and Ashlyn and his family! I’m so thankful for having this man…he has supported me in every dream I have had! I love going through life with you! Thank you for still always being my “greatest fan of my life!” ❤ #FFisThankful

robb marathon

Day 20:  It’s officially Marathon Weekend!!! Just finished up Yoga Fix! Today I’m thankful for my faith. Ever since I saw the video with Joy Johnson’s story, I have read this verse each day. I am officially READY!!! I just need to get to my destination, hydrate, and carb load! 😜 #FFisThankful #PittsburghgirlrunsPhilly


Day 21:  We had such a great day with family and friends today!! Totally feeling the love and support from everyone!! Can’t wait to run Philly in the morning!! ❤ #FFisThankful

good luck

Day 22:  I DID IT!! I just ran the race of my life!! Thank you for the INCREDIBLE support!! You have no idea how much I appreciate it and how much it helped me!! So much love to you all!! Official time was 3:52:12!! 😊👍#FFisThankful #PittsburghgirlrunsPhilly


Day 23:  Today is a special day…it is this AMAZING lady’s birthday!! I am so thankful to have this woman as my mom, a mother-in-law to Robb, and Jordan and Ashlyn’s Mimi! I don’t know what I would do without her!! Thank you for being the BEST mom in the world…truly! I love you and hope you have a wonderful day! #FFisThankful

mom bday

Day 24:  A fresh cut and color and a massage was just what this girl needed today! Today I’m thankful for a little pampering! 💕 #FFisThankful

cut color

Day 25:  I feel like I have been nonstop since I’ve been home from Philly! It’s easy to get stressed from all the craziness around holidays. I had to take a moment to realize just how blessed and thankful I am to have a home where I can host my whole family for Thanksgiving for the fifth year in a row! I can’t wait to have everyone together tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! #FFisThankful

Day 26:  Waking up on this Thanksgiving morning extremely thankful for this life I have been given. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy the day with friends and family! ❤ #FFisThankful


Day 27:  Not going to lie…today I’m thankful for an afternoon nap! My body was screaming loud and clear that it needed it! Cleaning up after having Thanksgiving will have to wait! 😁 #FFisThankful

Day 28:  Shakey! Shakey! Shakey! Totally Ashlyn’s terminology!! They sure do love their Shakeology!! I’m thankful they want to put the healthiest meal of the day in their bodies!! 👍#FFisThankful


Day 29:  It’s been a busy past few days with my family! I’m thankful for the time we have had together. What do you think?!? About 13 years stands between these pictures! #FFisThankful


Day 30:  Today as I reflect on the past 30 days of thankfulness, I realize how truly blessed I am. It is SO easy to get caught up on negative things going on in your life. I’m thankful I have the ability to focus on the good things in my life…it’s not always easy, but I have worked a lot on myself to help me get to this point. I know I have coaching and Beachbody to thank for encouraging me to do so. ❤ #FFisThankful