The Ultimate Reset

Last year after the 2015 Success Club Trip to Cancun, I made the decision to go ALL IN with the Ultimate Reset.  This 21-day commitment made me VERY nervous and scared!  Nervous I would fail…nervous I wouldn’t get results…scared I couldn’t handle what was involved…nervous about not working out (it’s recommended not to workout during the Reset).  Fitness is my strength…nutrition has always been my weakness!  But over the past couple years, I have done a lot of personal development to become stronger mentally and to focus on becoming a better me.  I can tell you it has made an enormous impact on my life.

Ultimate Reset is a 21-day program that gently helps restore the body to its “factory settings” while maximizing energy production and nutrient retention. Ultimate Reset is a program designed to get the body in top shape internally, just as a fitness program gets the body in top shape externally. People looking to restore energy, boost moods, and maximize health can dramatically improve the way they feel and function.

Deciding to take on the Ultimate Reset ended up being one of the BEST decisions I have made and one of the BEST Beachbody programs I have completed.  Not only was I floored by the physical results I got from this program, but I was tremendously PROUD of the mental strengths I gained!  The 21 days were NOT easy…I had quite a few obstacles along the way.  But what is amazing is how I overcame those obstacles!  I felt absolutely INCREDIBLE with the completion of this program!!!

Ultimate Reset Results

It is really amazing what I have been able to accomplish with my body…especially when you take good care of it!  I have had two children…I have run two full marathons…I have run two half marathons…I have completed many fitness programs…and I’m able to say I completed the Ultimate Reset.  What this has taught me is that you can truly accomplish anything you want as long as you have the belief in yourself.

Since I was not working out during the Ultimate Reset (I did teach Insanity two days a week but modified), I focused on embracing the time in the kitchen.  I was able to try a lot of new foods and recipes!  And it turned out giving my body a break did WONDERS!!  There are specific meals and recipes provided for each day on the Ultimate Reset.  There is a list of ingredients you are able to substitute if you can not eat a certain food or do not care for it.  There is also a plan called “Reset in a Crunch” which I used a TON!!  These were very simple recipes to make, since some of the other recipes take a little more time to prepare.


Ultimte Reset Week 1

In Phase One, you Reclaim your body, accessing its inner chemistry and preparing for change.  You slowly remove foods such as red meat and dairy, which are known to place stress on the digestive system, from your diet.  In the second week, Phase Two, you begin to Release the toxic compounds that are stored within your tissues, clogging your cells and blocking proper nutrient absorption.  This phase includes a gentle colon cleanse.  You now eat a fully vegetarian diet.  In Phase Three, the third week, you Restore your metabolism to maximum efficiency, putting nutrients, enzymes, and pre- and probiotics back into your system.  You cut back further on grains eating mostly fruits and vegetables.

You take certain supplements throughout the day.  These are taken at very specific times.  You eat and drink water at specific times as well.  This was tricky and I had to get used to it, but it was totally doable.  Here are a list of the supplements you are taking.

Power Greens: A super potent power greens mixture that as a part of a healthy diet, may help support the body’s acid/alkaline balance.

Optimize: Supports nutrient absorption and bioavailability.

Soothe: Ingredients traditionally used to support digestive health.

Mineralize: Adds natural minerals needed by the body.

Detox: Ingredients traditionally used to help support liver function.

Revitalize: Helps support beneficial flora in the digestive tract.

I drank Vegan Shakeology (Tropical Strawberry) each day while on the Ultimate Reset.  I had it for my snack.  The first two weeks I had one serving.  The last week calls for less protein, so I had 1/2 of a serving on those days.  There are many approved recipes with both Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate.  I just simply mixed it with water.


I’ll be taking on this program again after completing 22 Minute Hard Corps!!  If you are interested in joining me with this journey, I would LOVE to have you!  Email me at mharris.beachbodycoach@gmail.com if you have any questions at all!


Update – RESULTS from May 31, 2016 – June 20, 2016

Ultimate Reset 2016 results

Ultimate Reset Results 2016 B

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