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Marathon Training

Well I’m over 15 weeks into my training with less than 3 weeks to go!  The time has FLOWN by!  This summer I decided I really wanted to commit to running my second marathon.  I ran my first marathon in Pittsburgh in May of 2011.  After resigning from teaching and going full-time with my health and fitness coaching business, I knew I could do a fall marathon.  After doing a little research, I found out the Philadelphia Marathon was exactly 18 weeks after I returned from Beachbody’s Coach Summit in Nashville, TN.  It was PERFECT!!  Not to mention, it was a great excuse to visit Robb’s family in Philly!!  My sister-in-law is running the half marathon, so we get to start together!  So my marathon training began the week of July 19th…this Pittsburgh girl was on her road to run Philly!


I found one of Hal Higdon’s marathon training guides…I used one of his the first time I trained.  However, with the other workouts I do, I altered it to fit my schedule.  I have not been running four days a week and I do not rest two days.  My schedule has been yoga/strength on Mondays, short run on Tuesdays, teach Insanity on Wednesdays, short run on Thursdays, rest on Fridays, teach Insanity on Saturdays, and long run on Sundays.  I have followed the Hal Higdon guide as far as the long runs go.  I did my 20-miler this past weekend!!  Woohoo!!!  Here is a link to the guide I based my training from.

Marathon Training Guide

So even though I have run one marathon, two half marathons, three 10ks, and many 5ks, I honestly still think of myself as a newbie!!  I am learning as I go!  I have definitely had my ups and downs with my training, but I have also applied what I have learned from my previous experiences.  I had a lot of trouble with my IT band when I trained for my first marathon.  Weekly trips to the chiropractor and lots of foam rolling got me through my training.  This time around I have stayed on top of it and have been proactive.  My IT band has gotten a little tight here and there, but I have kept everything under control with foam rolling from the start AND my weekly yoga sessions.  I am NOT a yogi at all!!  But I have learned to love incorporating it into my marathon training.  It is something I now look forward to the day after my long run!  Insanity is something I was NOT doing the first time I trained for a marathon.  I think this high-intensity interval training has been a HUGE help with my training!!  It’s a nice change from doing an additional day of running.  Three days a week of running has been perfect for me!

Fortunately I have pretty much stayed injury-free throughout my training!  The biggest issue I have had is with my shoes!  I ran my first marathon in Nike Pegasus running shoes and have had about four pairs since.  I decided to stick with what has been working for me.  Well I don’t know what happened, but I have been experiencing some numbing in my left ball of my foot into some of my toes.  It would happen on my long runs once I got to eight miles.  It would be off and on, and sometimes I would have to take off my shoe in the middle of my run.  It was getting ridiculous!  I ended up getting new insoles.  I thought they were working out well for me until I did my 20-mile run this past weekend.  Again I was experiencing the numbing/pain (off and on), but the last 1.5 miles both of my feet HURT!!!  It would be really tough to experience that pain for the remaining 6+ miles I would still have to go in the marathon.  So with three weeks left, I decided to go back and get fitted for new shoes.  I went with the recommended Saucony Ride 8 running shoes.  I have exactly 43 miles left to run in my training to break these shoes in.  Fingers crossed these work out for me!!

I am now tapering….WOOHOO!!!…in my training.  It’s hard to believe only two long runs left before the BIG DAY!!  I’ve decided to really watch my nutrition the last three weeks and follow the 21-Day Fix.  Of course the last 2-3 days before race day I’ll be increasing my carbs.  I am EXCITED and NERVOUS!!!  It’s a little intimidating running a marathon in a different city.  My goal for my first marathon was to break four hours…I managed to finish just under at 3:59:30.  My average pace per mile was 9:09 min.  My goal for my second marathon is to beat 3:59:30.  Ideally I’d love for my pace to be around 9:00 min./mile.  I’m confident my body AND mind can get me there!!  Cheers to less than three weeks to go!!