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Different kind of transformation for you today 💗 See maybe you haven’t seen a very physical transformation with me (with Ashlyn…YES! 😜) Sure numbers have gone up and down on the scale and with inches. Sure I’ve seen some amazing results from many of the programs I’ve completed. But what you really can’t see at all are the changes from the inside…my spiritual and personal development…for me personally, this is my biggest transformation 💕
When I started my journey with Insanity, I was a new mom of two who just went back to work full time as a teacher. I was down on myself. I missed my children. I felt like I couldn’t do it all. I couldn’t figure out how to make my health and fitness a priority and take care of me while I was taking care of everyone else. But I was willing to try and make a change despite huge hesitations and being a big skeptic. 😳
What I found was a program I loved and a solution for myself. I could workout in my classroom or at home and start feeling better about myself. Shaun T motivated me every single day. The moms in the online accountability group I was in inspired me everyday. That change I almost didn’t make was working. 👍
Then fast forward to becoming a coach a few months later. Actually a year and a half later. I finally decided to take personal development seriously (my only regret with coaching…not starting personal development sooner!!). I decided to make it a priority. I read and listened to books. I listened to podcasts. I didn’t just take care of my body physically. I started taking care of it mentally. 💗
But I was still missing something. I was still craving something else. That something ended up being a personal relationship with God. I began reading Christian related personal development. I began to seek that relationship. Our family attended a new church. We all grew in our faith. 💕
Now that girl on the right is so different. My faith is stronger than ever. I have more confidence and belief in myself and what I do. I work on and care to be a better me each day. I dream big. I know I have a purpose and I’m working to fulfill that purpose. I strive to be the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, coach, mentor, and leader. I know I am made for more. And I want others to realize this too. I’m proud of the woman on the right, because I have worked so, so hard to get there. 🙏
No, I’m not perfect. I’m always on my own journey. I will always work on me. I will continue to pray for direction and guidance each day. And I encourage you to do the same. You are worth it. You are made for more. Make YOU a priority in your life. ❤️

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